We need your help


Our Goal

LAMP construction was financed through several sources, including federal and state tax credits, public investments, and loans backed by rental income. In addition, we continue to raise charitable and congregational contributions to support the project budget of $1.2 million.

To date, approximately $1.14 million has been donated or pledged, leaving $60,000 that we need to meet our minimum fundraising goal.


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How to give

We need your help to meet this challenge. Your gift will help transform one of Kansas City’s most visible landmarks into a vibrant campus of service and cooperative ministries.

More important, your gift will ensure we continue the foundational mission of LAMP—to transform lives by bringing support and hope to people in need. 


Thank you!

LAMP has received important leadership grants from Heartland congregations, along with many donations from individuals and families throughout the Presbytery.

We are pleased to announce that we recently received a generous $100,000 gift from Bob and Nancy Banker, in addition to the previously announced $200,000 gift from the Marty Singleton Family. We hope other Heartland congregations, including yours, will support this ministry.

Give Your Time

If you are interested in volunteering at LAMP please complete the form below and a LAMP representative will be in touch as opportunities arise.

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